Kerala to revise hospitalisation norms: All need not get admitted

With a spike in Covid-19 cases in Kerala, the state government on Wednesday decided to revise the hospital admission guidelines to reduce the burden on facilities.

After a review meeting, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan told the media that the number of patients is going up and steps are being initiated to avoid the situation in which patients are left to scramble for treatment.

“All the patients need not get admitted in hospitals. If those who have taken two doses of vaccine are getting infected, normally they would not face major health issues. Such patients need not get admitted to hospital. They can stay back at home. If oxygen levels in blood are normal, such patients, provided they don’t have other health problems, need not go to hospitals. A new admission guideline would be issued soon,” he said.

The decision came at a time a major chunk of patients is being quarantined in houses. On Wednesday, the active cases in Kerala grew to 2.66 lakh with 35,013 new cases. Of them, 22,726 are in hospitals. However, the number of patients requiring ICU or ventilator support has gone up in the last one week. In Kochi and Thrissur, incidents of non-availability of ventilator/ICU beds have been reported.

Meanwhile, the cabinet decided to purchase 1 crore doses of vaccines for the next three months.

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