Diver retrieves lost engagement ring from the bottom of England’s largest lake

Losing an engagement ring just two days after getting engaged is bound to leave any couple feeling disheartened. However, a UK-based couple lucked out when a diver was able to retrieve the ring for them.

When freediver Angus Hosking was informed about Rebecca Chaukria and Viki Patel losing a diamond ring towards the end of a jetty on Lake Windermere, in Lake District of northwest England, he decided to jump straight into action to help out the newly engaged couple.

According to a CNN report, the couple were getting their photographs taken when the ring slipped off Chaukria’s finger. When the duo tried to retrieve the ring and even used the photographer’s tripod to reach it, it only forced the ring further away.

Watch the video here:

21-year-old Hosking, who along with his friend Declan Turner set up the group Lake District Diving to clear trash from the lake, rushed to the location to help the couple. “Finishing work and went straight there, after 20 minutes of searching with our underwater metal detector this is what we found,” wrote Hosking while sharing a video on the official Instagram handle of the group.

In the video, which has now gone viral on social media, Hosking is seen fishing out the ring from the residue collected from the lake. “As soon as I put my head under the water the visibility was absolutely terrible so it didn’t fill me with confidence. I couldn’t see anything,” Hosking told the news website. “It was just all silt — really fine mud — even if you drop a penny it goes straight to the bottom,” he added.

However, after searching for around 20 minutes with a metal detector, he was finally able to scoop the ring.

Ecstatic to have found the ring, Patel expressed gratitude and described Hosking as a “brilliant guy”, adding that post the incident, his fiancée would never take off the ring, the news website reported.

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