Pune: Fire Brigade personnel come to rescue of dog after it gets its head stuck in plastic jar

Fire Brigade personnel in Pune on Tuesday came to the rescue of a stray dog which had its head stuck in an empty plastic jar. The animal was spotted roaming around the streets in the Market Yard area with its head stuck in the jar. It was in visible unease and may have been suffering from possible suffocation.

Fire brigade officials said that around 8 am on Tuesday morning, the control room received a call from a citizen informing them about the stray dog. The animal was seen near the Chhatrapati Shivaji statue in the Market Yard area.

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“The dog’s head could have gotten stuck while trying to eat whatever was left in the jar. After we got a call around 8 am, we sent a team from the local fire station in a rescue van,” said an officer with PMC’s Fire Brigade department.

The officer added that the team initially restricted the movement of the dog using a net. “We then cut open the plastic jar to set the dog free. It took less than 20 minutes,” said the officer.

Prashant Ranpise, Chief Fire Officer of Pune, said, “We are not particularly trained in animal rescue but over the years, our personnel have learnt basic skills by attending to such calls time and again. At times, we also take help from experts. Some units in Maharashtra have also undergone basic training modules in animal rescue in the recent past.”

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